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    Sometimes there are challenges in our lives that keep us from being and feeling our best. Whatever challenges you may be facing, it should be addressed and corrected. We would like to help. Working … Read More

    Welcome to Ann McNeil Psychotherapy, Inc.
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    I love what I do! I love to make a difference and I love to see both the quick, short-term changes and the long-term permanent changes that counseling provides. What could be more rewarding! … Read More

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    Your challenge may be very specific or it may be more general in nature. Here is a list of just some of the things that can be addressed and respond well to therapy services: … Read More

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Welcome to Ann McNeil Psychotherapy, Inc.

Are you in an unhappy relationship? Has there been a lack of intimacy, drifting apart, or even infidelity? Has this problem caused you to feel sad, depressed, angry or anxious? You owe it to yourself and your family to feel better. Ann helps you find solutions to repair your relationship and to see what can be made whole again. Click here to find out more about how Ann can assist you through couples/ marriage counseling using the best counseling methods available. To schedule, simply call Ann at 561-314-9879!

Have you suffered through a childhood filled with physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, emotional abuse, loss of parent(s), or domestic violence? Or, are your memories of childhood almost non-existent? Did you attempt to control emotional pain through the use of alcohol/drugs, cutting, eating disorders, or other methods of self-harm? Would you like to stop self-sabotaging your life now because of the painful memories from the past? Ann specializes in recovery from trauma and is certified in EMDR. Through well-researched methods, Ann can guide you out of this maze of misery. Call Ann at 561-314-9879 or click here to find out more!

Your overall quality of life is important to Ann. Do you experience problems with your sexuality that prevent you from having a totally satisfying life? Or, do you experience a compulsive or addictive sexual behavior that concerns you or your loved one? Taking the first step to get help is the hardest one, but Ann is very open and easy to talk to. Ann is a certified sex therapist and ready to help you get back on track. Click here to learn more or call to schedule an appointment with Ann at 561-314-9879!